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May 24, 2007



I am so happy I found this blog, and excited to see the upcoming show! As a child, I had many of the books, and treasured each of them. I learned many valuable life lessons from these wonderful characters.

Recently, I saw a shirt for my daughter, and knew she just HAD to have it! It says "little miss sunshine"

This has renewed my love in these books. My daughter has a couple of these books, and I now plan to buy the entire collection.

My 3 yr old daughter, although autistic, is already reading over 500 words. I know she will love these books, and will learn the wonderful lessons, as well.

I can't wait to see the show next year, the backrounds look great! I love the art!

Keep up the awesome work!


Monica- Thank you SO MUCH for your email. It is enthusiasm like yours that drives and inspires us throughout this production and we really appreciate your feedback. Please do write again- and that goes for all you Mr. Men fans out there! We would love to hear any questions, requests for things you want to see, and any general Mr. Men and Little Miss thoughts that you might have. Look forward to seeing your posts! Kurt


i´m searching the series of mr men and little miss in spanish language... somebody knows it? i see this in my country (spain) when i was a little boy... but i don´t find it... my son have 3 years old and she is a fan of mr men and little miss... please help!!!

regards and excuse me my bad english...

Daniel Coffey

Nice Letter!, I also cant wait for the new Series defently as I liked Mr Men and Little Miss (Original and Animted Series) when I was a little boy! :)

Daniel Coffey


As a true fan of the Mr Men I cannot accept this reincarnation of the Mr Men. What was wrong with the original designs? Why have they now got American accents? I realise its aimed at a different market now, but please not at the expense of the original fans who grew up with the Mr Men and loved Roger Hargreaves vision and creativity!!!!!!


What the hell have you done to the Mr Men! My son and all of his friends love them the way they are. You have ruined them!

jacquelyn bradley-peterson

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I am really glad that this blog exists. I always had the mr. men website as a bookmark and when to check it today and saw that it changed and wondered what happened to the uk site. Then I read here that is coming back soon, so that's cool. I have loved this book and television/video series since I was a kid. I'm 22 now and I still love it. I remember taking trips to the video with my parents and always picking out one the tapes to watch and watch it for hours. It was a since of comfort for me. It always mad me smile. I loved reading the books too. I don't own them anymore due unfortunate circumstances (my house robbed when I was kid on christmas), but am I trying to rebuild my collection. Living in California everything I want is in the uk, so I'm trying to save up money to buy stuff. I've always wanted this show to come back and I'm so happy that it is. Every child show be able to see and know about Mr. Men and Little Miss. Every character holds a special spot in my heart. When I went to the new website and saw that the show was going to air on Cartoon Network I almost had a heart attack I was so overwhelmed with joy. Wholesome, classic shows are coming back, new and improved-great, but coming back nonetheless. The originals will always be in my memory and heart, but as long as you try and do your best to stay to the original story anything new won't and can't be that bad. So don't listen to those nay-sayers. hehe I apologize for this being so long and be sounding a bit childish and nostalgic, but I just loved this series so much. Thank you again. Take care and Please have a nice day. =)


I think you are totally wrong to let them do this to such fantastic characters! The new ones are hideous and the right to change the original characters should be taken away from Chorion!


GREAT GREAT GREAT! I think it was a great idea to revive the characters. They are incredibly creative and original and they deserve a second generation; our young ones are going to appreciate them just as much. Secondly, I read juan's inquiry about the mr. show in Spanish. I grew up reading Mr. Men books in Spanish. I enjoy the show greatly, but I would definitely enjoy the show ten times more if I could watch it in spanish and of course pass down the tradition to family youngsters. so where's the spanish version!!?? that would be awesome!!!!!

Carl Jeffery

My Name is Carl Jeffery and I am 8 years old.
I really love your dads books and have got nearly all of them . I have written one and I want you to see it . Can I send It to you to have a look ?

Brandi Baldwin

I have a question regarding copyright and the use of characters. I could not find an e-mail link, and am instead posting a comment. Can someone please e-mail me?

Thank you!


It's so fantastic that a new Mr. Men Show is here! Thanks, thanks for making this show! it's not just fantastic, they improved the characters and it is obvious that the characters needed it, to be more like a tv production, this way not only will they survive but will allow them to become products, movies and much more. I'm so glad that this step was taken. I saw an old Mr. Men show a decade ago and was dreaming to see these loving characters back one day. I'm so glad. I want to see all the tv episodes, I'm a true fan. Here in my country we can't get the books anymore, but I managed to read some online.
For those who complain about the changes in the characters, it was a very needed change so it's more suitable for a tv show in big scale, and that will allow us to enjoy them for a long time. Besides the show is incredibly funny!


I forgot to mention, I'd love to participate in the production of the series, I'm a graphic designer since 1993, I make websites and animations in flash. Even would do it for free LOL


ABK, i'm quite suprised to see that you've took interest in the show.


I live in Australia, and the Mr . Men Show is coming to ABC kids and I am so excited but here is something for Adam I don't like it how you changed some of the characters! like Mr. Strong! Well, I love the Mr. Men and Little Miss Thank you for reading



I love the Theme Song for the
" Mr. Men Show " it's so cool and the video on it's pretty cool too.


Hey I am so in love with the Mr. men and Little misses I've loved them even when i was 7 years old. THANK YOU THANK YOU For making the show I love it , it's pretty funny too! Thank you

All take care.


Lauren, you may think negative for some alternations, but some of the redisigned characters were better designed than in the books, the reason why they've redisigned Little Miss Whoops is to make her look less like her brother, Mr. Bump, though they make no mention of their relation on the show, the only official source that mentions their relation is Cartoon Network's american website, Mr. Strong's new look actually fits better for his name than in the books, he's still red, while Mr. Nervous doesn't looklike it, he is a renamed Mr. Jelly, Mr. Nervous makes more sense than Jelly, Mr. Grumpy kept his colors & shape but he looks more mature & his hat may be slightly different, but it's still green, Mr. Nosy & Mr. Lazy may look different, but Lazy's still very lazy & Mr. Nosy is still very nosy, Mr. Small may look different & slightly larger, but he's still in the least samll, you may or may not thought of this but Mr. Persnickety or in the u.k. version's case,
Mr. Pernickety, is really a renamed Mr. Fussy, he retains his shape, nose & hair, but he now has reading glasses, a more neatly waxed mustache, a black bowtie & brown shoes, i think he still acts a bit fussy, Mr. Noisy may had gotten his shoes recolored, but he still has his red shape from the books, Mr. Scatterbrain & Mr. Stubborn are the counterparts of Little Miss Scatterbrain & Mr. Stubborn on the show, Mr. Scatterbrain is still the least intelligent & Mr. Stubborn is still a bit stubborn, think of Mr. Scatterbrain's wiggly-wavering voice as the late comedian, Ed Wynn, Mr. Messy looked almost the same as the books, though his limbs are solid, he gains two sneakers & still a big mess, Mr. Rude looked almost the same but has shoes instead of a hat & HE'S STILL RUDE!!, Mr. Quiet, may have fewer hairs & a different palette but the rest of his appearance is the same, Little Miss Nuaghty may look different, but she's still a purple circle & still a NUAGHTY GIRL!!, Little Miss Helpful may look different, but she's still a pink circle, has green & white shoes & still tries to be helpful, BUT AS USUAL, SHE STILL MIGHT MAKE SITUATIONS WORSE!!!, while Little Miss Calamity & Little Miss Daredevil are orgional characters, they've yet have to appear in the books, the rest of the cast however retain their old looks, you can expect more characters in future seasons. i'm just trying to be nice


there these 4 characters from the opening:
1.a green face with no nose
2.a red face with no nose
3.a green face with a green nose
4.a blue face with a shut mouth
who are these guys, characters who have not yet been on the show?


who could the following be? they appeared in the intro but not the first season
1. a green face with no nose (not any of the green characters featured.
2. a red face with no nose (said that it can't be mr. strong or noisy)
3. a green face with a pink nose (still not one of the green characters on the show)
4. a blue face with no nose (this can't be mr. bump(he had his mouth open))
are these dropped characters or characters scheduled for season 2?


i've heard that my sister, "Ms. C", likes the show & has cartoon network now, i'm not sure when she'll call again, but we'll try calling her at 2:00 PM.


i don't think their new characters, i think their the ones that are already on the show colored differently or, mistakenly, colored wrong, which is pretty common in most cartoons if you look.


jane, do you work with those animators?


hm, you don't seem to be listed in the credits


They're not 'new characters', merely 'extras', like the people in the life-rafts in "Boats". Don't read anything into them.

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